And I believe it's on the cusp of a sharp breakout...

  • The last company I was this excited about soared 113% in 6 weeks after publishing
  • The Kinsley gold project would EASILY be the lone flagship asset of ANY other junior miner.
  • The drilling delivered some of the most significant gold intercepts in the entire year of Nevada exploration.
  • Have an all-star team in their corner that’s just delivered 619% gains in the past 18 months

Here are the full details you need to know...


New Placer Dome Gold Corp


The Gold Market Has Caught Fire...

As the global economy continues to stumble down the long road to recovery, one asset class has greatly benefited over the past few months: gold.

It’s dominating the conversations among brokers, investors, and even the bitcoin crowd.

Despite positive indicators in the overall market and small bumps in economic data…

  • There are still no signs that the economy is anywhere close to a real recovery.

Take a look at the extreme disconnect between S&P 500 performance and its profit margins in the graph below.

While profit margins crater, the S&P 500 continues to explode.

  • It’s precisely when the market hits these levels of irrationality that the smart money goes into gold.

After all, gold is a safe haven for your money.

Recently, even big gold-haters have started converting their cash into bullion—that’s how you know it’s time to pay attention. 

Experienced traders know that when the price of physical gold rises, the price of gold stocks can shoot up several times that.

That’s why in August, legendary investor Warren Buffett dumped his positions in banks such as Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan.

With the cash, he snatched up twenty-one million shares of gold mining major Barrick Gold.

The move was—per usual for Buffett—well thought out. Gold stocks have performed extremely well over the past few months:

  • Since the beginning of the year, gold prices have risen ~30 percent.
  • Barrick Gold, Buffett’s huge play, has risen ~60 percent year to date.
  • Junior gold company Liberty Gold is up as much as 135 percent since January 2020.

That’s why savvy investors who can see the insanity of this market bubble are turning to gold…

…and small gold stocks—for both stability and growth.

At this point, though, there are a precious few solid gold junior plays. And the majority of the good ones have already taken off. 

That’s what makes New Placer
Dome an incredible company...

We featured the company at the Nevada’s Hottest Explorers panel at the Gold and Silver Summit last year in San Francisco.

They’re already in the inner circle of some of the largest, most well-connected people in the mining industry – it’s in their blood.

Last year, these hungry and driven guys had just signed an option deal on the world-class Bolo project in central Nevada.

They then went out and delivered some of the best drill results in all of Nevada in 2019.

To put that in perspective, Nevada mines over 80 percent of all gold in the United States. It’s a big deal.

Then they went out and hit a grand-slam: signing an option deal on the Kinsley gold project in northeast Nevada.

On this, they partnered with Liberty Gold, which is run by Cal Everett, a well-known mining financier, and Moira Smith, one of the greatest living geologists on the planet.

  • New Placer Dome Gold’s Kinsley asset would easily be the lone flagship at any other junior miner.

If securing two flagship projects isn’t enough for you, imagine also trying to raise capital in a post-COVID world filled with economic headwinds and uncertainty.

They not only raised the minimum of CAD$7.5 million (USD~$5.5M) they were looking for…

They almost doubled it and had to increase their financing to CAD$12 million (USD $9M) due to excessive investor interest. This was because the people running New Placer Gold have put together an incredible team of geologists and advisors, with projects that already contain high grade gold.

It’s usually hard for very large investors to build up a position in a smaller junior exploration company.

That’s why private placements are the preferred entryway for the whales to acquire a larger stake.

  • It turned out to be one of the biggest mining financings in years (relative to the company’s market cap).

The investors in that capital raise were certain of one thing: you back people who never stop aiming to achieve even more.

We’ve said it before: having the pedigree only gets you so far. You need the hunger and drive to live up to those expectations.

Now you might be wondering: who were these eager investors?

The signature lines on the big checks made out to the company are a who’s who of the mining world. They’d fill out a headliner panel at any of my conferences.

With the money they raised, New Placer Dome went straight to drilling Bolo and Kinsley.

Those results are starting to now come in…

And if they’re anything like last year’s work at Bolo, this junior company could be the play for their next win…

Gold Stocks Are Going MAINSTREAM
The Millennial Generation is active

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen at conferences has been the generational gap in the resource industry.

Younger investors prefer sexy stories they “get”: think marijuana or tech companies.

That’s why in recent years, we’ve seen spikes in searches for blockchain or cannabis investments.

The next chart below shows search interest in the U.S. for gold stocks since the beginning of 2020.

It spiked at the outset of the pandemic, then again in August when gold broke past $2,000 USD / ounce.

At its peak, interest in searching gold prices was twice that of searches for prices of more “popular” investments.

There’s no denying the massive momentum behind gold’s recent surge in popularity.

At the same time, the markets are tightly coiled up for a massive correction.

When the younger crowd’s portfolios start to drop, and they see the potential for enormous returns in junior companies in the resource sector, they’ll be racing to get in.

But I can’t stress this enough: gold stocks are a very high-risk, high-reward sector.

It’s not unreasonable, however, to get a 200%–1,000% gain if you pick right.

Especially in a rising gold market like we have today.

All you have to do is find the right stock, then get in at the right price—before it really starts to take off.

For those of you who aren’t already familiar, this is what I use to find promising gold juniors:

  • People
  • Resources
  • Operations
  • Future
  • Investors/Investments
  • Triggers

As in the end, every investor’s goal is to PROFIT.

Gold Bull Market – Small Cap Spotlight

New Placer Dome Gold Corp.


(P) - People

I was introduced to the New Placer team through my extensive network of investors and brokers.

They’ve been called the next great mining magnates.

Why? They’re young, hungry, and they have access to capital and an exclusive network of powerful brokers.

You need look no further than the original name of the company, Barrian Mining, which paid homage to their family’s background and successes.

It comes from Max Sali’s dad, BARRie Sali, and Brad Telfer’s dad, IAN Telfer.

It’s a fitting tribute from the young up-and-comers of today to the mining titans of the previous generation.

Their fathers are legends, and they’ve groomed their sons to achieve greater things.

But they knew they needed help. So, this aggressive and sharp young group of mining entrepreneurs went out and were able to convince Cal Everett, Moira Smith, and Mac Jackson to lend them a hand. These three names are big deals when it comes to the finding gold in Nevada. We’ll get into the details later on why these people are so successful and important.

Following the closing of their last financing, the company changed their name from Barrian Mining to New Placer Dome Gold Corp., which is what they trade as now.

Even the company’s new name is a callback to the original Placer Dome…

A gold company that was bought out by Barrick in 2005 for more than $10 billion USD.

Management has big plans.

They have the extreme advantage of being mentored by some of the greatest minds in the business.

Check out their incredible bloodlines, resumes and experience…

Max Sali, Co-Founder & CEO:

Max comes from mining blood:

  • His father, Barrie Sali, was a prolific Vancouver businessman.
  • His uncle, Rob Sali, was a very connected resource broker who worked with the biggest names in the business.

This is an uber-smart, successful family that is well connected around the world. Max has close ties to the global capital markets and knows all the important people.

He cut his teeth with other junior resource companies, and he’s taken many from shell to full-bore operations. Max was the behind-the-scenes wizard making company operations run smoothly. Now he’s front and center with New Placer.

Brad Telfer, Co-Founder & Director:

Brad has also spent several years in the industry, working his way up from investment advisor to his current position at New Placer.

  • His father, Ian Telfer, is well known for his work with Wheaton River, which later merged with and became the goliath Goldcorp.

Ian joined the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2015, and you can be sure that some of the lessons and wisdom that got him there have been passed down to his son.

Of course, having the right lineage doesn’t guarantee success. But it does open doors and access to people that would otherwise be inaccessible such as the team behind Liberty Gold.

And the Geological Legend NOW on board…

Max and Brad’s network opened the doors to the geological brain trust behind Liberty Gold.

  • Liberty is one of the hottest gold stories of the last 2 years, having moved from 30 cents in early 2019 to over $2.30 recently for a nearly 670% gain.

With New Placer Dome’s acquisition of Liberty Gold’s Kinsley Project…

The New Placer Dome team gets another flagship project that any junior would love to get their hands on.

And Liberty Gold gets to focus on its core asset (Black Pine), all the while sharing their top-level geological team with New Placer Dome, secure in the knowledge that they have another solid management team looking after Kinsley.

This is a win-win for both parties.

The sharing of these highly sought-after geological assets includes:

  • Dr. Moira Smith – who recently won the AME (the Academy Awards for geologists) Colin Spence Award for her significant contributions. Moira helped discover the Long Canyon gold deposit which Newmont Mining bought out in a $2.2 billion dollar transaction.
  • Mac Jackson, now on the advisory board of New Placer Dome, is a Carlin expert who’s found over 20 million ounces of gold in the Carlin Trend.

And last, but certainly not least, Cal Everett (CEO and director of Liberty Gold) who has come on board to represent Liberty Gold’s interest as the largest shareholder in NGLD…

Cal Everett, Advisory Board:

Cal started as a geologist with fourteen years of experience in both surface and underground operations before moving into finance for two decades to focus on capital markets in the resource sector.

Cal brings all of Liberty’s experience with Kinsley with him, and his assistance in financing will be invaluable as New Placer Dome looks to further prove out the project.

The synergies are endless between the groups and allows the New Placer Dome team to be laser-focused on drilling out those resources.

2020 Target: The Drill Kings of Nevada 

(R) - Resources

The lifeblood for an exploration company in any commodity is the cash required to explore. And New Placer Dome is doing incredibly well in that department.

Not only did the company recently complete an oversubscribed private placement for CAD$12 million (USD $9M), they did it in the toughest market of the decade.

The company has 91 million shares outstanding, CAD$10 million (USD$7.5M) in cash, and zero debt.

The insiders are large shareholders. And having skin in the game is key to guarding their share count.

If the company has any exploration success in the previously-drilled Kinsley and Bolo projects… it will get the market’s attention.

The likes of Eric Sprott and other savvy investors have been looking for high-impact gold projects in the Great Basin in Nevada.

Nevada’s Gold Resources Are Rich

(O) - Operations

Much like real estate, gold mining is all about location, location, location.

New Placer Dome’s primary assets, the Bolo and Kinsley gold projects are located in Nevada.

If you want to talk about a good neighborhood, Bolo’s neighbor is a mine called Round Mountain[1].

  • Round Mountain is owned by Kinross Gold Corp ($8.1 billion market cap) and produced 360,000 ounces of gold last year. And it’s a low-cost producer.

Not too shabby.

Kinsley, on the other hand, sits by Barrick and Newmont’s joint venture gold mine, Long Canyon[2]. The mine produced 96,000 ounces of gold through only six months of operation last year.

Nevada is the world’s most attractive mining jurisdiction. It’s a business-friendly, safe state to operate in.

Being located in Nevada, New Placer Dome’s projects have easy access to utilities and highways. That lowers the overall costs of exploration and development.

  • Both of these highly sought-after projects were snatched away from much larger groups by this group of young miners and investors.

They entered into an option agreement for the early-stage Bolo gold project option from Allegiant Gold in 2018.

New Placer Dome has the option of earning a controlling (50.01 percent) interest in the Bolo project by spending USD$4 million in exploration expenditures over the next three years, alongside USD$1 million in staged payments of issued shares.

New Placer Dome can earn an additional 25 percent interest in the project by spending another USD$4 million over the following two years.

This would leave them with a 75 percent interest at the end of 2024, if they choose to go this route.

The Bolo project is not just a random assortment of unknown concessions in Nevada. Historical drilling on the project shows a lot of potential[3].

To date, more than 12,000 meters have been drilled on the project.

With today’s drilling costs, it would take $20 million and at least two years to get the project to this stage.

And another 3,500 meters of drilling is under way right now—with recent strong results prompting the company to expand the drill program at Bolo past the initial 3,500m.

Many of the holes have shown significant gold mineralization. Highlights from past drill results[4] from different holes, all at surface at Bolo, include:

  • 133 meters of 1.3 g/t
  • 90 meters of 1.0 g/t
  • 52 meters of 1.27 g/t
  • 30.5 metres of 3.24 g/t

What do these numbers mean?

These are thick, high-grade gold intervals.

To the layperson, that might not sound like much…

But shallow mineralization would make open pit mining feasible, significantly lowering the cost of production.

  • Bolo’s gold is also oxidized, which potentially makes extraction even cheaper.

Carlin-type deposits are usually large and can be mined using low-cost open pit mining techniques.

Recent drilling has also focused on extending Bolo at depth – in other words, checking underneath the surface deposits to see if the gold mineralization reaches deeper underground.

Recently, New Placer Dome reported results from just the first of what will be many sets of drill holes from their program at Bolo.

This first drill hole intersected 38.1 meters 1.08 g/t of gold and 26 g/t silver. That might not sound like much, but this drill hole[5] was located 40 meters directly below one of their best drill holes from last year, BL19-04, which hit 122 meters of 1.2 g/t gold.

This provides confirmation that gold mineralization does indeed continue at depth in their target areas, implying that there is the possibility of more great results from the rest of the drilling at Bolo.

This leads us to New Placer Dome’s new flagship asset, the past-producing Kinsley gold project.

New Placer Dome has the option of acquiring a 79 percent (or more) interest in the Kinsley project by making a series of payments. The first payment, USD$1.25 million in cash and 8.8 million shares of NGLD stock, has already been made.

Two more payments totaling USD$5 million, half in cash and half in shares, are to be made in the next two years’ time in order to secure the asset.

  • Previous work by Liberty and Nevada Sunrise (who may retain the remaining 21 percent of Kinsley) delineated a 535,000 ounce resource estimate of gold at an average grade of 2.39 g/t[6].

With seventeen square kilometers of potential targets…

Kinsley has the potential to be a DISTRICT-SCALE operation.

And only 20 percent of it has been drilled so far.

In particular, there’s a lot of room for more shallow oxide gold (highlighted in yellow on the graphic below) to be delineated at Kinsley, which may significantly reduce production costs for a future mine.

New Placer Dome is currently undertaking major work on Kinsley, with three drill rigs already on site.

Over 20,000 meters of drilling are planned for this year, and a further 15,000 meters next year.

The drilling will both test high-priority targets and identify new targets in previously undrilled areas to fully assess Kinsley’s district potential.

As mentioned previously, Liberty Gold’s CEO, Cal Everett, has joined New Placer Dome as an advisor.

His presence ensures a smooth transition as Kinsley changes hands, and New Placer Dome should not have any trouble finding substantial targets as they commence their drill program at Kinsley.

The Truth Machine: Drill, Baby, Drill

(F) - Future

The group running New Placer Dome are smart, aggressive, and hungry.

My gut tells me they’ve just started. I can see them following in their fathers’ footsteps, building massive fortunes as they acquire further projects.

This company is far from a one-trick pony.

  • In addition to their new flagship Kinsley project and Bolo “kicker,” they also own Troy Canyon, another early-stage gold project 70 km east of Bolo.

New Placer Dome acquired a 100 percent interest in Troy Canyon, subject to a net smelter return (NSR) royalty, for $50k USD in cash and 1.25 million shares of New Placer Dome.

At the moment, these latter two properties are just icing on the cake. New Placer Dome’s primary focus is Kinsley.

But like I said earlier, don’t be surprised if Max and his team aggressively make further acquisitions. It’s in their blood.

Right now, however, Max and his team have their hands full at Kinsley. The land package there is very large, comprising more than 4,200 acres of land.

(I) - Investors / Investments

Share structure is critical. Many novice investors don’t realize it can make or break a company.

New Placer Dome has a solid share structure, with approximately 91 million shares outstanding. Management, insiders, friends, family and other close associates hold around 30 percent of the float.

In that 30 percent, as part of the Kinsley transaction, Liberty Gold owns just under 10 percent.

Institutional and accredited investors make up another 50 percent of the float, leaving just 20 percent in the hands of retail investors.

The recent raise in June 2020 of CAD$12.3 million was at $0.22 a share, with warrants exercisable at $0.30.

With the first tranche of the Kinsley transaction already paid, the company had CAD$10 million in the bank with no debt at the beginning of September. This means New Placer Dome can safely concentrate on their drill programs without having to worry about where the money’s going to come from—unlike most other junior resource companies right now.

The Right Rocks Can Rocket a Gold Stock

(T) - Triggers

New Placer Dome has 20,600 meters of drilling at Kinsley and 3,500+ meters of drilling at Bolo planned for just this year alone.

  • If the company comes up with anything close to previous results, this can be the rocket fuel for its share price.

As Robert Friedland likes to say… “You will need a telescope to see the share price.

Previous drilling at Kinsley focused on the Secret Canyon, Dunderberg, and Oxide zones. New Placer Dome is looking to test and expand multiple new targets at Kinsley: Racetrack, Transverse, Big Bend, Western Flank and KN.

Drilling at these new targets will both catalyze the stock and help bring more attention to the story.

While the projects themselves are world-class, the people at New Placer Dome are its greatest strength.

They have a combination of resources—knowledge, connections, and capital—that’s far rarer than discovering a huge high-grade gold deposit.

When you bring in the combination of heritage and hunger, you’re onto something big.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Some of the smartest minds in the resource sector have already invested in this company.

In the junior mining sectors, the earlier you get in, the more you stand to make.

Jay Martin
CEO Cambridge House International

Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsorship from New Placer Dome Gold Corp. This is not to be construed as individual investment advice. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the company. Please do your own due diligence. All material was taken from publicly available information via SEDAR, company news releases and discussions with management about published information. Management has reviewed and sponsored this article. Never make an investment based solely on what you read in an online newsletter, especially if the investment involves a small, thinly-traded company that isn't well known. Past performance is not indicative of future results and should not be used as a reason to purchase any stocks mentioned in this publication or on this website. Cambridge House is not a registered broker-dealer or financial advisor. Before investing in any securities, you should consult with your financial advisor and a registered broker-dealer. Please review the filings on New Placer Dome Gold Corp’s SEDAR profile for more details regarding the company and its risks. The scientific and technical information contained in this article as it relates to New Placer Dome Gold Corp’s projects have been reviewed and approved by Kristopher J. Raffle, PGeo (B.C.), principal and consultant of APEX Geoscience Ltd. of Edmonton, Alta., a director of New Placer Dome Gold Corp and a qualified person as defined in National Instrument 43-101 -- Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.

[1] past results or discoveries on proximate lands are not necessarily indicative of the results that may be achieved on New Placer Dome’s projects.

[2] past results or discoveries on proximate lands are not necessarily indicative of the results that may be achieved on New Placer Dome’s projects.

[3] Technical Report on the Bolo Property, Nye County, Nevada, USA dated with an effective date of October 5, 2018 was prepared by Nancy J. Wolverson, C.P.G. is available under New Placer Dome Gold Corp.'s Issuer Profile on SEDAR (

[4] These drill results are disclosed in news releases of New Placer Dome Gold Corp. and are available on

[5] See New Placer Dome’s news release dated September 16, 2020.

[6] Technical Report and updated estimate of mineral resources on the Kinsley Project, Elko County, Nevada, U.S.A., effective January 15, 2020 and prepared by Michael M. Gustin, Ph.D., CPG, Moira Smith, Ph.D., P.Geo. and Gary L. Simmons, MMSA is available under New Placer Dome Gold Corp.'s Issuer Profile on SEDAR (

Scientific and Technical Information. The scientific and technical information contained in this document has been reviewed and approved by Kristopher J. Raffle, P.Geo. (BC) Principal and Consultant of APEX Geoscience Ltd. of Edmonton, AB, a director of New Placer Dome Gold Corp. and a “Qualified Person” as defined in National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.

Technical Reports. Technical Report and updated estimate of mineral resources on the Kinsley Project, Elko County, Nevada, U.S.A., effective January 15, 2020 and prepared by Michael M. Gustin, Ph.D., CPG, Moira Smith, Ph.D., P.Geo. and Gary L. Simmons, MMSA is available under New Placer Dome Gold Corp.'s Issuer Profile on SEDAR ( Technical Report on the Bolo Property, Nye County, Nevada, USA dated with an effective date of October 5, 2018 was prepared by Nancy J. Wolverson, C.P.G. is available under New Placer Dome Gold Corp.'s Issuer Profile on SEDAR (

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Please review the filings on New Placer Dome’s SEDAR profile for more details regarding the company and its risks.